Our Family

Our family here at Cason's Cove love to honor God by serving others. Our Christian values lead us in our dedication and service to our community.


From the ground up. One mom and five kids worked together to make not only their dream come true, but also the dreams of others.

Gabrielle Bush and her children—Hunter, Loryn, Rachel, Brooke and Clayton—began the adventure of creating Cason’s Cove, an all-inclusive wedding venue, in 2013. The children’s involvement is evident through handprints and their favorite scriptures decorating the concrete walkway. Whether it’s hand scraping the beautiful, stucco siding of the venue or decorating one of the many outdoor ceremony sites the family worked together to make this a reality.

“There were days we'd be down here morning to night helping build.” Gabrielle said. “Everybody’s really played a part. It’s crazy.”

And the family has continued the legacy of working together in the wedding business.  Rachel began her own career, Oxytocin Photography, after a lifetime of shadowing her mother, who photographed weddings leading up to her venue. She now travels the world shooting captive lifestyle photos as well as the intimate wedding moments at Cason’s Cove. (oxyphotos.com)

“It’s just full of love and laughter—mostly laughter,” Rachel said. “I swear when we’re all together it is so entertaining.”

Loryn, Day of Wedding Coordinator, makes sure from the time the bride wakes up till the time the couple makes their grand exit that everything runs smoothly. Coordinating with vendors, finishing last minute touches, and making sure that any hiccups during the day don't even reach the bride.

A self-described technology nerd, Brooke picked up a camera to make lifestyle videos and ended up joining the wedding team. She attributes her successful passion of wedding videography to her family’s business. She enjoys documenting the special days alongside her sisters and has now started an incredibly successful YouTube channel where she keeps all the hilarious moments of her life.  

Clayton, the youngest, found more interest in the building process, but helps out on wedding days as well. He had a part in each room and has spent many hours hanging dry wall etc. On wedding days he helps transport people to and from their cars and makes sure everyone is directed where they need to go.

The acres of quiet farmland, and European-style structures surrounded by the rolling pastures provide a fairytale-like atmosphere. Couples can experience the wedding of their dreams with Cason’s Cove’s  intimate, elegant surroundings — including a bridal house and reception building. It was all made possible by the hard work of a supportive family and a little something extra, Gabrielle said.

“I want to emphasize that our power is spiritual,” she said. “None of this was accomplished on our own. God gives us the strength and allows us to look at the positive in everything. We are all given talents that we utilize to make our dreams come true.


Interview by Hunter Frint